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Amman, Jordan
National Law Center
Individuals Mr. Ahmad J. Tahboub - Mr. Yassir Shkair - Mr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi - Ms. Mais Khlaifat - Mr. Rasem Al-Badawi - Dr. Shoeb Al-Akhdar 
Address P.O. Box 9039, Amman 11191, Jordan
Phone +962 6 560 3500  -  Fax +962 6 553 4584
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Languages  Arabic, English, French
Practice areas  Bankruptcy, Business and Corporate issues, Executive compensation, Agency and regulatory practice, Employment rights and obligations, Environment and Natural sources, First Instance, Appellate and Supreme Court, Income Tax and Sales Tax, Insurance Claims, Labor Law, Arbitration, 
Corporate, Mediation, Finance and Real Estate, Litigation, Tax, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Corporate Legal Strategy, Corporate Restructuring and Reorganization, Financial Institutions, 
Hi-tech and Telecommunication Sectors, Intellectual Property, International Trade and Transactions, Investment Strategy, Maritime Law and Contracts.
Amman, Jordan
Petra for Law and Intellectual Property
Etralip was founded at year 1994. Through our 8 years practice we have developed a respectable, which make our firm as among the better known in the country for its integrity, credibility, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as its diversified and broad range of services the firm affords its clients with consistency and competency, all integrated in one office.
Individuals =M Shaheen Al-Khateeb - M. Zaidan - Adnan Bani Ahmad - Abdulah Khashroom 
Address P.O.Box 8734 Amman 11121 Jordan
Phone 0096265664700  -  Fax 0096265626472
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Languages  Arabic, English
Practice areas  Intellectual Property, Copyright, patent, Adr, Odr.

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